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March 20, 2012
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PMD-E Application 2.0: Team Trample by Sanngot PMD-E Application 2.0: Team Trample by Sanngot
Anyone is free to use my team as a cameo in their art/writing. If you do, please let me know. It always makes my day when I see my team in places other than my own missions. :nod:


It may have been a while since the templates for arc 2 were posted. But I have been working at it... slowly but surely...

For those of you who don't already know, this is my Team Application for Team Trample to the Rescuers Guild in :iconpmd-explorers:

[NOTE] Anther has turned over a new leaf and is now wearing his fall coat. Originally when I started Team Trample, I was intending to keep up with the changing of the real seasons. I abandoned that idea later on and decided I would make it change every time a mission/event happened. (During arc 1 this was pretty much in sync with the seasons.) So now I am sticking with the new form every mission/event. (Oh yeah, Anther was in summer form for 2 events because I turned him into summer form too early by accident.)

Written application found here: ------->[link]<-------

And here are the members:

Name: Anther
Species: Sawsbuck
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Moves: Horn Leech, Jump Kick, Nature Power, Light Screen

Age: 15 (relative to a human lifespan)
Hatched on: April 28

More info:

As a Deerling: Anther was a very ambitious Pokemon. He started a team in hopes that he would one day become a famous rescuer. He looked to Mikemander for inspiration, since Mike is an idol of his, having saved him from a rather difficult situation several years back. His obsession with Mike reached a point where he tried to dress like him.

However, Anther had become so fixated on becoming famous, that he put his fame before his own health (as demonstrated in event 3), the lives of those around him including the life of his partner, Hearth (as demonstrated in mission 5). Anther almost caused a disaster of his own in mission 5. This was avoided, however, thanks to actions taken by Mike.

As a Sawsbuck: Anther has undergone a very humbling experience in mission 5. Not only has he changed on the outside, he has changed on the inside too. He no longer is a rescuer because of a desire to be famous. He now rescues because of his desire to help other Pokemon in need, and to bring justice to those who would take advantage against others.

Anther has also gained a new respect for Mike. He is no longer obsessed with him. While he looks to him as a role model, Anther also realizes that he has to be his own mon as well. On top of that, he now also looks up to Master Foo for helping him and tolerating with him for most of the first arc. When he is not on a mission, Anther now enjoys to spend his time training at the dojo to increase his fighting skills.

There are still some things that haven't changed in his evolution, though. Anther still likes to be at the receiving end of compliments and general attention (he doesn't seek it as desperately, though). And overall, he still has a somewhat silly personality about him.

During mission 6, he got a reality check from a rather vicious Mightyena that even though he is evolved, and much stronger than before, he still has his weaknesses. Such as rushing into a battle without a plan. Ever since then, Anther has been training hard at the dojo, trying to correct this, and generally improve his fighting ability. Training at the dojo has become his new hobby, and he becomes stronger and stronger every day because of it. To be a good rescuer, he needs to defeat strong opponents, and that is what motivates him to train harder.


Name: Hearth
Species: Ponyta
Gender: Female
Nature: Naive
Characteristic: Very Finicky
Moves: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Hidden Power, Bounce

Age: 16 (relative to a human lifespan)
Hatched: September 25

More info: Hearth is still the same as she was in the first arc. Her dream is to become wealthy. She had a rough upbringing that she was not proud of until she had an encounter with Chill the Minccino, which marked a turning point in her life.

Hearth does not like to be the center of attention nor does she care about what others think of her. Whether she is loved or hated, at the end of the day she is happy as long as she gets her reward. She bases her decisions off of how it will get her closer to her goal before thinking of others. She is very protective of her possessions and doesn't like to share. This causes her to brush off as uncaring and selfish. She realizes her flaws, and rationalizes that everyone is selfish in their own way and what she is doing isn't bad because whether she is a good person or not she still is a benefit to society.

She is the calm and collected member of the team. She likes to plan ahead and be prepared, rather than rushing in. She is a good tactician, thinking of plans that not many other mons would be able to think of, and she has a silver tongue, being able to talk her way into and out of many situations. However, she is not a fighter, and freezes when it comes to a battle if there is no plan, and even if there is a plan still shows signs of nervousness. That's when it's Anther's turn to improvise.

During Mission 5, she received many injuries on her body. The worst of which was an injury to her back right leg. This is an injury that the doctors told her would never heal unless, perhaps, she evolved (but even that was not a guarantee). As a result, she walks around with a leg brace to provide support for her. It does an OK job, for a while. Prolonged activity, or overexertion will cause an increasingly intense pain in her leg (which gives her a limp). She is very bitter towards Anther because of this. She feels that it was his stupidity that caused this. She uses this as leverage occasionally to get him to do things for her.

In return, Anther feels guilty for what happened to her. He also feels like it is his fault and he is determined to do anything to try to help make her feel better.


Name: Rem
Species: Girafarig
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn
Moves: Calm Mind, Bulk Up, Baton Pass, Mimic

Age: 12 (relative to a human lifespan)
Hatched on: March 14

Rem was found in Tao Woods the day after the Sorbet incident by Anther while he was helping Maple and Winston search for survivors. He was out cold, and pinned under a tree. After freeing him, Anther brought him to Castle Draclugia to receive medical attention. It turned out that Rem was caught in the storm on his way to Tao because he heard that Sorbet was there and he wanted to see what he could learn from the legendary. Upon hearing that Sorbet was sealed away once more came as a huge disappointment. The following weeks he spent in the Castle Draclugia library.

The appearance of Jasmine sparked his interest in Tao village again. When she was kidnapped he tagged along with Anther to assist in the rescue effort. While most Pokemon were upset with the resulting time warp, Rem found this positively delightful, being able to see the world in several different eras. It was these events that convinced him that joining a team would prove beneficial for him.

Rem is on a constant pursuit of knowledge. He has a passion for learning and a deep curiosity for how the world works. He may seem to only be obsessed with legendaries sometimes, but that is only because they possess knowledge known to very few Pokemon. He has always been this way since he was a young age, with his father being his biggest inspiration. This can be both a blessing and a curse. He is so focused on his quest for knowledge that he is apathetic towards the troubles of others. His social skills are not the best, he always speaks his mind rather bluntly, he has difficulty empathizing with others, and he never is aware of it when he crosses a line with people.

In a skirmish, Rem always takes the back lines and acts as a support unit to give allies power boosts as well as provide insight to the opponents strengths, weaknesses and abilities. He also has seen many moves throughout his short life, the ones he is more familiar with he can replicate with ease when using Mimic. This makes it so that he is not completely helpless if he is found in an unfavorable situation. However, since he has spent most of his life training his mind, he is rather frail in the physical department.


Together, Anther and Hearth make Team Trample. They knew each other when they were young, but went on their separate ways. They were both drawn to Tao village due to their interest in rescue teams, which is where they met again and decided to form a team. They're goals and ideals, while they were in contradiction, played off of each other very well, but thanks to Anther's transformation, the status quo has been broken, and a conflict seems likely. With Rem thrown in the mix, this adds yet another dynamic to the team. The combination of quick thinking, problem solving and expansive knowledge proves to be very effective, allowing them to deal with a wide range of situations.


And that is all for now! Please tell me what you all think!

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Arc 2

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Mission 7 Present : [link]
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Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak
Check out the group because it is awesome any any PMD fan should join. =D :iconpmd-explorers:
Mike the Charmander belongs to: :iconmichael2021:
Chill the Minccino belongs to: :iconcrayon-chewer:
Anther and Hearth belongs to me, Sanngot. :iconsanngot:
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